14 June 2012

Australia :: Indigenous Art :: Post 1

Australia :: Indigenous Art :: Post 1

The Artworks I have shown here have been created by the wonderful Indigenous Artists of Australia These items artworks are available for sale and are not culturally sensitive.
I have given links to allowed culturally sensitive artwork at the bottom of the post.
Many indigenous Australians are respected Artists in the Art world and you can find their artworks in most museums across the globe.
Sadly, the art is one of the few avenues where indigenous Australians gain recognition and respect in modern Australia.

Aboriginal culture is the oldest culture in the world and had lived harmoniously with the Australian land before colonisation for 50,000 years.

As a country, we have a very sad and disgraceful past, beginning with British colonisation and progressing to the white australia policy, we were typical of the British invasion that was taking over the globe at the time.
There was nothing nice about it and many post-colonial Australians would dearly welcome a better recognition and compensation of our past crimes for our indigenous community.

I dont want to open the nasty can of worms here but if you are interested in exploring the plight of the Aboriginal people you can find out more here.
What I want to do with this post is to share with you the awe-inspiring and incredible creativity that exists within the complex network of Aboriginal culture. This creative expression embraces many platforms dance, music, language, art, design, textiles, jewellery, knowledge, skills and technology.

I have only skimmed the surface here but I hope that you will explore the links I have provided at your leisure to truly enjoy the Indigenous Australian cultural and artistic heritage.

I will post part 2 next week.




Current Issues

copyright: This post has been created as an informative post to create awareness of culture, art and issues of the indigenous peoples of Australia. It is intended for educative and general interest purposes only.Out of respect to the Artists PLEASE DO NOT lift the images or the words from this post.
No permission is given to do so.
If you want to use the images then I ask that you follow the links to access the copyright rules stated from the source for the use of these images. 



susan christensen said...

Well, fascinating, Helen! I love the animals and the figures best of all but the geometric work is marvelous as well. Thank you for this. -sus

mano said...

thank you for sharing these beautiful works! many years ago I bought a print of jimmy pike in an exhibiton in hamburg. I love it very much - after my holidays I'll show it to you!

objectsofwhimsy said...

Hi Sus and Mano

thanks for dropping by I too find the work fascinating though I have to keep it to a minimum as it is so powerful visually you really have to make sure it doesnt invade your own creative processes so this is the first real look Ive had in years and Im thorooughly enjoying it.

I love Jimmy Pike mano! I just went to check him out and found he was renown for black line work and felt tip markers. Cant wait to see which print you have :) hope you are relaxing on your holiday :)

www.finelittleday.com said...

So very interesting, and nice :)

objectsofwhimsy said...

Thanks Elisabeth :)

♥ w o o l f ♥ said...

what i have always derived from australian indigenous art is its complexity, after i've gotten over the initial i-just-can't-believe-this-effect. i mean, talkin' 'bout stippling, huh?

there's another european artist who's doing similar tricks, that's nigel peake. his book always sits close at hand, a bit like a miniature bible. check him out too, or perhaps you know him already?

oh, and felt tip markers???? i'll have to check him out. ..
cheers for all the links, helen!

Stefanie Seltner said...

me, too, I love those artworks. So beautiful and strong. I saw an exhibition in France some years ago, I was totally fascinated and I was influenced in my own artwork. I often watch the pictures in the catalogue of that exhibition.
Thanks and x Stefanie

objectsofwhimsy said...


everytime I see your stippled artwork it reminds me of Aboriginal dot painting. Very you and when I found Jimmy Pike I just had to share him with you.

I LOVE Nigel Peake!!!! His work is seriously amazing and yes I can see the similarity between Aboriginal art and his work. that repetition of line and markings


objectsofwhimsy said...


Im going to admit seeing an Aboriginal art exhibition in Paris would have been pretty amazing. I bet it looked beautiful in the northern light and European architecture. Amazes me how it seems to effortlessly exist in any type of location.

H x

objectsofwhimsy said...

I cant help but think Marrimekko when I look at the black and white painting its titled Uwalki... all the trees pretty appropriate title hey? and the Artist is Mitjili Napurrula. I could look at it forever seriously.

Sharmon Davidson said...

oooooooh- fantastic!!