30 January 2011

Pay it Forward Update

Did you see this?
Perhaps on another blog perhaps on mine.
I can tell you its a really fun thing to do
a little daunting? perhaps
a little exciting? absolutely!

If you want to be involved you can find out how to here. If you are looking for a spot there are some vacancies here and here.
Come on get involved you know it'll be fun.

29 January 2011

Drawing Challenge: Home

I really loved this challenge and thinking about how the home and heart are inextricably linked. When separated both suffer. One is rented and not quite loved as it should be and the other just aches to be back together.

Thanks to Milady Productions for hosting this weeks challenge: home.
Next weeks challenge theme is Sky & Scenery.
If you want to join in visit Lillis blog and put your name in.

Last weeks challenge: paper doll

28 January 2011

Lisa's new outfits!


Okay I may be liking this challenge just a teensy bit too much.
The hubby is thinking Im a bit demented too. He keeps looking at me...... worriedly!
I may have to keep my outfit making to a minimum heeheehee!
Heres a couple to begin with but there is plenty more on the way. I was so keen to get them finished that they are a little rough (it was late at night) but I kind of like it as its keeping with memory of my paperdoll making as a child.
Might be an idea just to make this a post feature because Im thinking that you all might probably get bored with Lisa if I keep saturating my blog with posts about her. I hope you like anyway.

Paper Doll Challenge

Paper Doll Challenge

One of my readers Jasmin alerted me to a challenge being run by Elisabeth over at textilspanlien where you design and create your own paper doll with some outfits to wear. Im a little late for this one but couldnt resist anyway.

This challenge reminded me of when my sister and I were young we went through a phase (well several years really) where we would make our own paper dolls and outfits.

They started out quite basic and over time we honed the design to suit our needs such as giving more room in the crotch area when we wanted them to ride the paper horses we made them.

My sister and I would spend hours making and playing with these dolls. We saw the endless possibilities of creating what didn’t exist in real life.

I think in the end my Mum threw them out, having 5 children meant she had a low tolerance for mess.
My sister and I still talk about them and lament that they didn’t survive our childhood.

So when this challenge came up I decided to channel my inner child and recreate one of my childhood dolls. It was strange how quickly the construction techniques came back to me.

I hope you like “Lisa” (my favourite name at the time) she is a little more mature in the face but the body shape is pretty right.

 And now for the clothes……

The challenge is to encourage people who love to draw to draw. They are based on weekly themes and if you are interested in participating Elisabeth has posted the details here.

My Creative Space

Ive been busy this week.
Working on several things such as paper dolls (lots of fun) photographing my mikodesign rabbit kit I finished, and crotcheting squares for a dolly rug for my niece Frankie. Here it is...the beginning.

27 January 2011

Bonjour! From Paris in Melbourne


Well I have finally finished Paris my beautiful Bunny kit from Mikodesign.

It has been a real pleasure constructing the rabbit and then making the outfit. I thoroughly enjoyed myself.
I may have mentioned before that the lovely Erika also sent me some patterns for a vest, pants and coat which I will tackle shortly.

Im sure Paris will need more than one outfit if she is holidaying in Paris don’t you?

Perhaps a knitted red scarf too and a felt beret. I think I could get seriously carried away here.

You can view the kit as I received it here.

Did I also tell you that Erika has a wonderful blog
When youre done here why dont you pop over for a visit I know Erika would love to have you come visit.

26 January 2011

A mixed bag post

Its a mixed bags today folks.
Ive been taking it easy on this Australia Day holiday just cruising the net and thought I would share some of the lovely finds I found along the way.

1. my beautiful cushion I got in an oppy for a $1.00
2. & 3. Anthropologie (love this site!)
4. & 5. woodyloo via etsy
6. Freshyfig via etsy
7. fawnandlark via etsy
8.wintermilk via etsy.

Happy Australia Day to all Aussies and to the rest I hope your day is happy also.

24 January 2011

Monday #2 Brigita Ozolins

I had the great fortune to study under this very talented and prolific Artist. Based in Hobart Tasmania, Brigita is well respected amongst her peers both nationally and internationally. Her work ethic is phenomenal and her work very interesting a combination of installation, art and design. Please when you get the time visit her website you wont be disappointed. As part of her art projects Spogulis 2007 about her return to her mothers birthplace Lativia Brigita kept a blog. It makes the most fascinating read about her personal journey worth checking out also.

I have my work cut out for me, 2001

Look On, 2005


The truth shall make you free, 2007

The truth shall make you free, 2007

Still As, 2006

SPOGULIS, National Library of Latvia, 2007

SPOGULIS, National Library of Latvia, 2007

Artist Statement

I make art about the links between language, knowledge, history, bureaucracy and identity, themes that stem from my interests in the book, the word and the library. To convey my ideas, I use a wide range of materials including books, handwriting, digital media, furniture, office equipment, signwriter's vinyl and mirrored perspex. My work usually takes the form of installation, is often text-based and site-specific, and sometimes incorporates ritualistic writing performances.

22 January 2011

Granny Square Boxes

Just experimenting and improving my crotchet skills nothing like the previous post but one must start somewhere mustnt one!
Im not completely happy with design yet needs some work in strengthening the sides.

On Thursday the hooby and I went for a drive to Rye on the Mornington Peninsula. I loved it I could seriously live there. The lovely wool tapestry of the bird I bought for a $1 in the local opshop. Ill show you the rest of the bargains soon.

sorry about the quality of pics the slr wasnt charged so it was the trusty iphone that came to the rescue.

Dana Barnes

the oversized granny squares that make me drool

crotchet and fibre queen herself!

closeup of the supersized grannysquares

her bedroom (sigh!)
her braided rug and cushions

one of her assistants (yes she has 2 assistants) crocheting a granny square

Good morning everyone its a lovely grey day in Melba today I thought I would start the day off  in cheery style with the delightful and absolutely crazy work of fibre artist Dana Barnes. This woman has taken crotcheting a granny square to another level. Im slightly obssessed with granny squares at the moment my own  tiny bundle of achievements pale into insignificance against these oversized relatives. I hope you love them as much as I do. 
PS: a little fact about the process: Dana has said that she has worn out 3 washing machines preparing the roving wool ready for crotcheting. Hmmm maybe not a project to try out at home! hee hee hee

Well must fly husband at door jingling keys we are off to Sth Melba Markets mmmm coffee here I come.

19 January 2011

I covet: my Grandmothers craft in progress

Well Wednesday will bring another new post feature for 2011 "I covet".
"I covet" will be about things I value and why.

For the first "I covet" post I have chosen some of the things I chose from my Grandmothers estate when she passed away. While others were squabbling over TVs and jewelry I happily chose things that reminded me of my Gran. They all thought I was slightly bonkers when I retrieved items out of the trailer ready for the tip.
But the joy I experience when I look at these items that still smell like my Gran wont be had with a diamond  brooch she never wore. I figure if I want a diamond brooch I can always buy my own. 
 The items Im showing today are these unfinished knitting projects wrapped in a beautiful white linen napkin. These I found in the same bag with her wire rack of embroidery cottons still with such vivid colour and those beautiful wooden reels just heavenly.

I wonder if you have precious mementos such as these that are all about emotional value rather than monetary. If you would like to share please do would love to hear about it.

17 January 2011

Pay it Forward Handmade

Are you looking for something fun to do to kick start 2011?
Are you creative person who loves to share?
Would you like to receive something handmade from me?

Read on...

Felicity over at giftsofserendipity has given me the opportunity to participate in her 'Pay It Forward Handmade', giveaway.

This is how it works:
I promise something handmade to the FIRST 5 people who leave a comment here. However, to be eligible, you must by offering something handmade to 5 other people, repost this post on your own blog. What you gift must be handmade by you, and it must be sent to your 5 giftees sometime in 2011.

The steps to follow:
Step 1
Download "pay it forward" logo from here

Create post offering 5 readers same opportunity as I have done here (you can use the words I have used if you want)

Once you have published the  post on your blog come back to me and paste the link of your post in my post comments.

So on your Marks.........  Ready, set, GO!

Monday 1: Sonia Delaunay Terk

A new regular feature of the OofW blog is called Monday where I will be featuring Artists, Designers and Design Objects both past and present. I hope you will join me in exploring the wonderful world of art and Design that is available to us. I have to begin this new post feature with my favourite artist who started it all for me. I can only hope to be as prolific and industrious as this remarkable Artist/Designer. Its with great pleasure that I introduce you to Sonia Delaunay. Enjoy!

Sonia Delaunay Terk
Gradižsk 1885 - Paris 1979

Sonia Delaunay-Terk, maiden name Stern, was born in Gradižsk in the Ukraine in 1885. She discovered her vocation for art at an early age and studied drawing at the Akademie der Bildenden Künste in Karlsruhe between 1903 and 1905. Then she moved to Paris. During her schooling there at the Académie de la Palette she made works which are clearly influenced by Paul Gauguin, Vincent van Gogh and the Fauves . Her marriage with Robert Delaunay, an ambitious artist of the Parisian Avant-garde, was determined by a mutual inspiration to colourful compositions. Both artists intensively dealt with the depiction of light and movement and found a new artistic form of expression on the base of a simultaneous contrast. Sonia Delaunay's paintings were preceded by numerous colour studies, which dealt with the problem of light, colour and movement. Her painting 'Bal Bullier' from 1913 transferred the image of rhythmic dance moves into circling forms, which were mixed in the centre of the painting with pure colours. The transfer of this artistic aim to every-day life, from fashion design, interior decoration to book design made the artist one of the most important members of the Art-Déco movement. In 1913 the first so-called 'simultaneous dresses' were executed, which inspired the poet Blaise Cendrars to her poem 'Sur la robe elle a un corps'. After spending some time in Portugal in 1914 Delaunay and her family lived in Madrid. Here she met Sergei Diaghilew (1872-1929), for whose 'Ballets Russes' she designed the costumes and the stage sets. She returned to Paris after the end of World War I., where she made the sets for Dadaist plays and films. The decoration of a pavilion at the World Exhibition in 1937 was a joint highlight in the couple's artistic career. Sonia Delaunay received the gold medal for her fresco 'Portugal' at the 'Pavillon des Chemins de Fer'. After world war II. she attended increasingly to painting and painted during an intensive and powerful period of creativity the large series 'Rhythme', 'Rhythme coloré' and 'Rhythmes-couleurs'. Sonia Delauney died in Paris in 1979.

Post References